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Welcome to an extensive range of elegant, soft and cozy linen, manufactured to perfection by Hareem Enterprises. Supplied under the flagship brand name ‘HE’, we give you luxurious Hotel and Hospital linens, created with delicately woven fabrics from the finest quality of Pakistani cotton, and have stood the test of our stringent quality control measures. We promise, our collection of linen will satisfy your many requirements.

With Hareem Enterprises, experience the luxury of premium quality, affordable hotel and hospital utility linen that covers a range of products including towels, bed sheets, pillows, pillow and mattress protectors, duvets, mattresses and a selection of banquet linen. As a Company, Hareem Enterprises specializes in supplying hotel linen to the hotelier and hospitality industry; supplying homeware bath and bed linen to selected wholesale outlets in Pakistan; and also provides emergency relief supplies to NGO bodies and other distress management organizations.


Incorporated in the year 2017, Hareem Enterprises has a decade long track record of delivering tailor made solutions to its customers, and maintaining premium standards of product quality. The Company extends its service to a broad cross section of both local and foreign clients, and thrives in its business, simply by offering customized supply solutions to even the most demanding of requirements. Our ever growing clientele includes some of the most demanding five star international hotel chains; to name a few: Pearl Continental, Hotel Regency Hotel, Sareena Hotel. Our amenities also extend to the smallest boutique hotels. Irrespective of the magnitude of our clients’ business.

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